I love love love lemons. The color is fantastic, and the smell is amazing. A bowl of lemons in the kitchen can brighten up your day in a second. After some time, you’ll probably figure out I enjoy decorating with food more than I enjoy cooking it. I am one of those cooks who turns the oven on too high to get dinner done, so I can get out of the kitchen.
But I have a husband and children, so I had to learn to cook a little. I used to say if we won the lottery, my first investment would be a personal chef.
But back to why you came to visit in the first place…
What am I talking about making candlesticks out of lemons?
Let me just show you.


Dinner party on the dock


The trend today in design is natural, light, and easy. Here is a perfect example of how you can create a beautiful tablescape for your next dinner party using organic items, such as herbs, with lemons as the center of attention. Don’t you just love that pop of yellow?


Lemon candlestick


Set-up is a cinch. You place the lemon on the base spike and a candle in the top. Then spike the top of the lemon, making sure it stands up straight, and light your candle — that’s it, you’re finished! Your centerpiece looks beautiful, and it smells amazing. Everyone will think you spent your day preparing the table decorations, when really — if you’re anything like me — you stressed over the most important part of a dinner party: the meal. But that can be our little secret.

Tea parties, brunches, book clubs, church socials — lemons can add a fresh look to any event; and, with our candlesticks, you will have centerpiece options beyond your imagination.
If you are a modern hostess, order your must-have candlestick today and be the talk of the table.
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